04 July 2009

i learn to cherish wht i hav..

i cherish what i got in my life.
i have family. well, not really called a family but still family.
i have friends. well, idk wheter they rly care at me or just a pity feelin or just like that "munak", wtever, they r still my friends.
i got memories with him for over 6 months ! really precious one.. <3
i have house, handphone, money, laptop, anything that not other ppl have..
thanks god for all of it..

i was born to tell him i love him..
but i make a BIG mistake..
i love him but i hurt him !
i was feelin rly messy..
unconcious mind..
my heart is not in peacee..
my brain also messy..
my head hurts..
i dont hw to tell it..
it was rly hard to show it..