27 July 2009

anything u said, well lets say that i dont care !

u call me a bitch. i dont care.
u read my blog and u say im pathetic and u hate it ?
just LEAVE !
like what amelia say, i agree with her.
this is my blog and i can post whtever i want !
is that a wrong thing ?
is that illegal ?
i love this so what ?
whats wrong with me ?
im just feelin unstable.
i hate boy.
that boy with his "mushy" word !
i realy want to make him stop sayin that thing !
even jerki also feel he is disgusting.
but what can i do ?
i respect him as my friend and i dont wanna hurt his feelin.
oh pleasee, let me be free !
i've tried my best not to hurt anyone feelin.
if i hurt yer feelin, sorry.
i dont mean it.
ok, lets pretend i say nothing.
what have i done in the last three days ?
lemme tell you.
i went to church on friday, saturday and sunday for the krisma thingy.
we do a lot of thing.
i mean the people who join it.
a seminary named "seminari hidup baru"
well, its boring but i realised one thing.
God loves me !
although He doesnt realise my dream.
my BIGGEST dream.
then we got the "pencurahan roh" on sunday which mean the last day.
this is my first time doin that.
i was just surprise.
who join this ?
sakti, vincent, vannessa, audy, melissa, owen, gary, daniel, yudi, damian, aldo, vero ong, chelsy, cindy, nadia, vici, neira, sisca, amandus, felix, etc.
sorry if i forgot yer name.
only that.
and just now, what happen ?
nothing laa.
as usual only.
ok then.

auf wiedersehen !