06 June 2009


its saturday now..
i still have to do my exam on monday..
but im now online, posting, tweeting, fb-ing, anything..
monday is maths..
i had done 6 exam started from thursday..
on thursday we had religion n art test..
its hard but i think i can got 60 at least..
on friday we had indonesian n social study test..
i thought social study is HARD, but th fact is its not too hard..
indonesian also not too hard..
just now, we had biology n english test..
i lov biology but why cant i do th test ?? gawd dammit !
english, im not sure with my answer..
ok, just frget it..
im not goin to talk wht had hppened..
unuseful at all..
just now, sisca came..
she's so dffrent..
i cant explain it, hahahahaa..
im watching the master season 3 now..
gawd ! its really weird..
a 'bit' funny for me..
n i frget to tell u all..
im so in with twitter noww..
open n fllow me ppl !


danke ^^
i also got tumblr..
but i dont think im goin to tell ppl now..
i dont really know how to use it..
ok then..
im goin to watch seriously..

oyea, wish me luck ppl for my exam..
still hav 4 subject to go..
maths, pkn, mandarine n physic..