29 June 2009

moms bday.

yday is moms bday n my family (dad, mom, me, bro) went to a japanesse resaturant called KURINOYA..
then we order some food...
only that....
see the pics so u know it..

oca (in japan, tea is called oca)

enoki beckon maki (ham n egg, this is delicious ! im lovin it)

zara udon (fried noodles mixed with soup, idk how to explain it.. delicious too.)

shisyamo (inside th fish contain th egg, i dont eat this cuz i dont like it..)

toriyaki (ordinary chicken meat, satee gt..)

california maki (i dont like it very much..)

pork fried rice mybe..

we spend $71 means Rp. 500.000
for me its too expensive.. idk..
ok then..
just an unnecessary post..