09 May 2009


woke up at 10.30
then play master mind with my brother.

then, saschya went to my house.
we play, share.
then i tell her what i feel.
y like tht lo.

when we got nthing 2 do, i play th net n she draws at my binder.
look at this.

then, she wrote this.
ths sya !
u rly undrstnd me.
when i cry, u can cheer me up.
thx a lot d.
n dont tel anyone y about wht i feel.
rly sad.
my heart hurts.
but its ok.
i bliv i can face th truth =]
ps : chzt, thx y da bs grtiin ak. wlopun ak g crta ap" ama km, km ttp hbur ak. thx bgt. km da bae ma ak.