28 April 2009

yday n 2 days ago.

2 days ago, i went to nh.
munich friends was clbrating his bday.
a foreigner called "hendry saunders"
so handsome.
i dun hav his pic.
open my fb n find his name.
then, yday.
i woke up at 11.28, myb.
i took a bath n went to mm wit mitchy.
then, wit ruben, three of us did our english project.
actualy inyoi also. but he didnt come.
after half an hour, we were bored n decided 2 stop doin it although it wasnt finished.
we went 2 jco.
i ordered ice green tea, mitch ordered ice thai tea n ruben ordered ice blended green tea.
mine taste awful bt i stil lov it.
then, after an hour sittin there, we decided 2 go 2 th cinema.
we wanted 2 watch quarantine.
but im afraid tht my mom will scold me bcos i didnt go to course n mitch wanted to wait 4 farin, so we r only wating our time.
walk there walk here.
not long after tht, farin, raka n ray came.
they wanted to watch yes man although th film had started.
so we joined.
after watching, they went 2 kfc.
mitch wanted to join them but she's shy.
so, like tht n like tht.
lazy 2 tell u.
but, at th end, mitch n farin is sitting 2gether.
i hav th pics n later im goin 2 upload it, not now.
then, we also saw amel, rezlie, putri, sakti, ricky n hann.
sumpah, iri gw.
gw pgn bs kyk mrk gt.
cb klo gw g brntm ma ryan, pasti gw ud gbung ama mrk.
hxhxhxhx. ='(
sedii wak.
tp gmn lg y ?
ssh jg.