04 April 2009

saturday, april 04, 2009--

let me tel u wht hav i done today..
in th mrning, i woke up at 7.30 o'clock n went to cshool wth my mon 2 join KRISMA.
after tht, actually i must go 2 violin class, but i skip it..
cuz i rly rly wan 2 see him playin futsal at djuwita..
its a friendly match..
n he's super dooper KOOL..
yea, fuckin KOOL..
only him tht can make my heart melt.. *pathetic*
then, i went to his place n talk 2 him..
only both of us..
its rly make me hppy..
but suddenly evan came !
he disturb me n him !
but it so k..
im not angry..
n tht's only half of th story..
after tht, i went to citra empek" (if it's not wrong, cuz i frgot th name) 2 ate..
then, i went back n he's still playin his game..
absolutely amazing !
then, after th match finished, i 'samperin' him agaen..
we talk n laugh..
only both of us..
my favorite part is tht..
n after that, we went to canteen 2gtha..
b4 tht i played in th playground wth tommy, hnokh, sinung, dkk..
he dun play n jst stand there n see..
n after tht, EVRYTHIN WENT WRONG !
hxhx :'(
ok, after tht, we dun talk agaen..
i wonder why he treated me like tht..
then, he played agaen in th match n he's injured !
poor him ='(
n i wanna start th conversation but he ignored me..
i dunno wht's wrng..
im tribly sad ofc..
vo ryan,,
yan, ak gtw ak sala ap..
tp ak hrp km maavin ak y..
sry 4 evrythin..
pdhl kmrn mxi bae"..
td jg..
klo km ud g mrh ks tw ak y..
ilu so much !
sry syg klo ak sala..
ak emg cew begog g bs grtiin cowny sndri..
mga cpt smbh y yang ?
lukany d obatin 2..
okeh ?
klo ad ap", ks tw ak aj..
sbisa mgkn i'll b there 4 u..
sygku jgn mrh ma ak lg..

(beuhh, puitis n norak y ? hahaha.. but tht's usually i cal him.)